What does Eovations technology and MBC mean? How is it different than PVC or WPC?

Eovations technology is the process by which Deckorators has perfected their MBC line of decking.  MBC stands for Mineral Based Composite.  It is a mix of minerals and plastic as opposed to PVC which is just a plastic polymer or WPC which is a  wood plastic composite.  These minerals help give the board cavitation to reduce weight while also having a fiber-like consistency giving it incredible strength.  


Deckorators has a lot of different options not listed on your website. Can I get those items through you?

Yes, you can for select items.  The items we sell in the online store are items that we sell most often.  It may take longer to get these items ordered and delivered but give us a call and we will work with you.


How do I figure out how much decking I need?

Easy, call us or look at our blog for information about take off, different tips, etc.


Can I get samples or brochures to get an idea of what my deck will look like?

Yes, contact us and let us know what colors you want to see and we will get those out to you as soon as we can.


Can Deckorators be in contact with the ground or water?

The Deckorators Eovations line of decking (Voyage, Vault, or Frontier) can most certainly be in contact with the ground or water.  These lines do not absorb water and are great products for plantar boxes or edging.


Will the composite or PVC become slippery when it's wet outside?

The MBC line is made with Eovations technology that has amazing traction.  The Voyage line has 34% better traction than any other composite on the market.  


Will my Deckorators deck stain, rot or splinter?

No, no, and no.  Deckorators decking has been tested under weather accelerated conditions and has proven its weatherability.  They also have a 25 year warranty if there is any staining or fading.  Which means you can enjoy your deck without worrying about maintenance.


Can I powerwash my Deckorators deck?

You can powerwash Deckorators if you use a fan nozzle and set the powerwasher on its lowest setting.